Many structures built now have at least some components constructed with high-strength

concrete (HSC). At present, the Australian Concrete Structures Code, AS3600 and other

major codes around the world cover only normal strength concrete. This publication provides

state-of–the-art information on high-strength concrete and will become the basis of design in
HSC before the code is revised. This book is mainly written for practising engineers.
However it will also be useful for researchers, students and others involved in the
construction industry.
The book is divided into 6 chapters. Both approximate and rigorous methods are presented
here. Areas where research is particularly inadequate are noted. Chapter 1 provides a general
introduction including the various applications of high-strength concrete. Chapter 2 presents
some of the basic concepts in concrete technology that are essential for designers. Design of
flexural members is covered in Chapter 3. A design method for high-strength concrete
columns is presented in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 covers the punching shear resistance of HSC
slabs. The final chapter, Chapter 6 contains the design of walls. Several spread-sheets are
included with the book. It is believed that these programs, which simplify the design process,
will provide the reader with opportunities to explore and thereby optimise the design process.
The text assumes that the reader has an elementary knowledge of the concrete design process
and is reasonably familiar with AS 3600 relating to design considerations. As the theory,
background and the design examples in these Chapters are carefully covered in great detail
with step-by-step explanations, it should be relatively easy for the practising engineers to
understand and master the design of high-strength concrete members.
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