Construction Management of Steel Construction - Sheduling Estimating Modules


Construction Management of Steel Construction 

 Sheduling Estimating Modules

The construction of structural steel is fast paced. On-site construction time is reduced relative to
other systems by fabricating steel components prior to erection. Steel may also be erected in all
seasons, which provides scheduling flexibility for the overall project. The reduction of on-site time
along with scheduling flexibility can ultimately lead to significant savings in general conditions
and financing costs.

The fabrication of steel components requires careful planning and close coordination among the
various parties. Shop drawing approval, ordering of material, erection planing, fabrication,
delivery, and erection activities need to be well orchestrated to ensure a streamlined, delay free
process. The preparation of a proper schedule of structural steel activities and integration of this
schedule into the overall project schedule are important activities in planning for structural steel
The intent of this portion of the manual is to provide students with an understanding of scheduling
structural steel construction by 1) defining the usual structural steel activities, 2) presenting
information on sequencing and durations, and 3) discussing scheduling methods which are used in
preparing the structural steel schedule. In addition, a discussion of methods for avoiding delays in
structural steel is presented.

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