Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes


Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes

Concrete pavements are a frequently misunderstood form of construction. Many practising engineers are unaware of the basic design issues which should really be understood before undertaking the construction of any pavement in concrete. Most engineers receive extensive training in the design of reinforced concrete structures but very little formal training is given in the design of concrete pavements. Yet concrete pavements are designed quite differently from reinforced concrete structures.

This document presents an explanation of the various design methods, materials testing methods, specifications and details that are associated with construction of cement bound (i.e. concrete) pavements. The design of concrete pavements has to be treated in a different manner from that of bituminous or granular pavement systems. This book is written partly out of despair; UK pavement design lacks a clear accepted text defining the terminology and methods employed within the concrete pavement industry and much confusion currently exists in describing pavement materials, strengths and loadings. Of course, a single book can never be perfect, but this one is intended to be a working script that will assist an engineer and, where appropriate, point towards other references. The chief aim of this book is to summarise the main design methods in use in the UK and USA, although reference will also be made to methods elsewhere where they are seen as particularly appropriate. The book is clearly unable to draw together every piece of current information or opinion in the field; however, every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible within the confines of the need to produce a concise but informative script on the subject.

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