Concrete and Masonry Databook


Concrete and Masonry Databook

Concrete and Masonry Databook is intended to provide quick reference to a wide variety of design 

and construction information on these two building systems. Only the most basic information is given  in text format, with the vast majority of the data presented graphically. The greatest emphasis is on 

construction details and tabular data, and source citations refer the reader to other texts when in-depth  discussion or explanation is required. While much of the information on masonry was derived from 
other books by Beall, including Masonry Design and Detailing (4th ed.), and Masonry and Concrete 
for Residential Construction (part of McGraw-Hill's Complete Construction Series), it has been supplemented  extensively with new drawings, tables, and graphs. Jaffe's extensive experience at Construction  Technology Laboratories (a subsidiary of the Portland Cement Association) provided her  with access to the latest information and research on concrete, which has been incorporated into this  text along with data from the American Concrete Institute, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute,  and other industry publications. The result is a comprehensive compilation of information organized  into 17 sections and supplemented with an exhaustive glossary and list of relevant ASTM standards

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