Concepts and Applications THE SCIENCE OF WATER Third Edition


 Concepts and Applications THE SCIENCE OF WATER Third Edition

Hailed on its first publication as a masterly account for the general reader, the water practitioner, and  the student, The Science of Water: Concepts and Applications continues to ask the same questions:  Water, water everywhere … right? Can the Earth’s supply of finite water resources be increased to  meet growing demand? Many hold the persistent belief that the Earth’s finite water resources can   somehow grow. History has demonstrated that consumption and waste increase in response to rising supply, but the fact of the matter is that freshwater is a finite resource that can be increased only slightly through desalinization or some other practices, all at tremendous cost. In addition to asking the same questions, this text has now been completely revised and expanded for the third edition.
The text still deals with the essence of water—that is, what water is all about. 
Further, although water is one of the simplest and most common chemical compounds on Earth, this
text does not ignore the fact that water is one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring substances 
we know. Important to this discussion about water and its critical importance to the inhabitants of 
Earth are humans—their use, abuse, and reuse of wastewater. Furthermore, this text takes the view 
that because water is the essence of all life on Earth it is precious—too precious to squander. Thus, 
as you might guess, the common thread woven throughout the fabric of this presentation is water 
resource utilization and protection. Additionally, it is important to point out that this new edition
provides additional information not covered in previous renditions; for example, the chapter dealing 
with still waters includes an upgrade on waste stabilization ponds. Current updates on pertinent regulations 
dealing with important aspects of water supply and treatment are provided. Additionally, a 
new chapter covering the economics of water and another new chapter dealing with economical use 
of water are included in this updated edition.

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