Building Information Modeling


Building Information Modeling

This book on Building Information Modeling (BIM) was inspired by the observation that
interest in the subject is rapidly growing in popularity. It is easy to miss the breadth and
potential of this “revolutionary” process due to its inherent nature. Yes, the process is revolutionary

in its anticipated effects on the construction industry; yet its concepts have been
practiced for centuries in a variety of forms. This book endeavors to present the current
“best understanding” of BIM a format that will benefit readers with varying levels of
understanding of the subject. Most BIM practitioners have strongly supported this effort
and are sincerely interested in helping others become versed in applying these tools and
processes, to educate owners and construction colleagues, to encourage early collaboration
between designers and constructors, to build better facilities, and to improve the construction
business in general. It is not easy, however, to introduce change to the construction
industry The ability to sell (show the value of) and encourage use of BIM concepts to owners,
construction companies, and project team members (e.g., designers, fabricators) may
be of more use than the ability to utilize the processes themselves. Humans resist change
and these processes require a great change. In fact, they will result in a “cultural change”
in every company that commits itself to their adoption.

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