Understanding Building Failures


Understanding Building Failures

Despite the growing awareness as to many of their common causes and consequences, failures still seem to bedevil the building industry in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the developed world. This revised edition addresses the reasons for this problem and offers some guidance on how it can be tackled. Its title has been modified to emphasise the need to understand the circumstances behind the occurrence and investigation of defects in buildings. This understanding will address the following journalist questions
Why is the need to understand defects of such importance for construction professionals such as building surveyors, architects and others? There are three main reasons for the increase in demand for this knowledge. 

First, there is the ambitious target of zero defects as articulated in the British
building industry’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This will only be attained, if at all, if professionals, contractors and operatives are made aware of the causes
and consequences of building failures.
Second, the need to reduce repair and legal costs resulting from defects
remains high. This is a disruptive as well as expensive process for clients
and others involved.
Third, the recent introduction of the Home Condition Report or single
house survey has placed additional demands on building practitioners.
Building surveyors and other construction professionals undertaking this
service need to have a good knowledge of building construction as well as
an ability to identify and diagnose relevant defects.

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