Structural and Stress Analysis


Structural and Stress Analysis

In the past it was common practice to teach structural analysis and stress analysis, or theory of structures and strength of materials as they were frequently known, as two separate subjects where, generally, structural analysis was concerned with the calculation of internal force systems and stress analysis involved the determination of the corresponding internal stresses and associated strains. Inevitably a degree of overlap occurred. For example, the calculation of shear force and bending moment distributions in beams would be presented in both structural and stress analysis courses, as would the determination of displacements. In fact, a knowledge of methods of determining displacements is essential in the analysis of some statically indeterminate structures. It seems logical, therefore, to unify the two subjects so that the ‘story’ can be told progressively with one topic following naturally on from another.

> In this chapter we shall look at the function of a structure and then the different kinds of loads the structures carry.We shall examine some structural systems and ways in which they are supported.We shall also discuss the difference between statically determinate and indeterminate structures and the role of analysis in the design process. Finally, we shall look at ways in which structures and loads can be idealized to make structures easier to analyse.

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