Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations


Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations

During the last 25 years, considerableworkin the area of soil dynamicsand machine foundationshas been reported.Coursesonsoildynamicsandmachinefoundationsalreadyexistat graduatelevelinmanyinstitutions, and its inclusion at undergraduate level is progressingfast.
The author is engaged inteachingthecourseon soil dynamicsandmachinefoundationsatgr'duate level fromlast fLfteenyears. The text of thisbookhas beendevelopedmainlyout ofmynotes preparedfor teaching the students.The considerationin developingthe text is its lucidepresentationfor clear understandingof the subject.

Thematerial has been arrangedlogicallysothat the reader canfollowthe developmentalsequenceof the subject with relative ease. A number of solved examples have been included in each chapter. All the formulae,charts and examples are given in SI units. Someof thematerial includedin thistextbook has been drawnfromtheworks of other autors. Inspiteof sincereefforts,somecontributionsmaynothavebeenacknowledged.The authorapologisesfor suchomissions

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