Larry Richman

This book is divided into four sections. The first section describes the importance and function of project management. It defines the roles of the project managers, team members, clients, and customers. The second section teaches the skills and techniques of planning, estimating, budgeting, and scheduling a project. The third section describes how to execute a project, including controlling, reporting, and managing change and risk. The fourth section teaches
 the people skills needed to lead project teams.

Section 1: Preparing for Project Management Success

Chapter 1: Understanding the Importance of 
Project Management 

Chapter 2: Organizing for Project 
Management Efficiency  

Chapter 3: Defining the Roles of the Project 

Manager and the Team 
Chapter 4: Defining the Roles of Clients, 
Customers, and Other 
Chapter 5: Setting Up a Planning and Control 

Section 2: Planning the Project

Chapter 6: Defining the Project 
Chapter 7: Creating a Work Breakdown Structure 
Chapter 8: Estimating Activities 
Chapter 9: Sequencing Activities
Chapter 10: Calculating the Critical Path 
Chapter 11: Preparing Schedules 
Chapter 12: Preparing Resource Plans 
Chapter 13: Preparing Budget Plans 
Chapter 14: Getting Approvals and Compiling a 
Project Charter 
Chapter 15: Setting Up a Monitoring and 

Control Process

Section 3: Executing the Project

Chapter 16: Initiating the Project 
Chapter 17: Controlling Project Objectives 
Chapter 18: Reporting on Project Objectives 
Chapter 19: Controlling Changes in the Project 
Chapter 20: Conducting Project Evaluations 
Chapter 21: Managing Risk 

Chapter 22: Closing the Project

Section 4: Leading the Project Team

Chapter 23: Developing Project Teams
Chapter 24: Managing Conflict 
Chapter 25: Communicating Effectively 
Chapter 26: Holding Effective Meetings 
Chapter 27: Making Team Decisions 
Chapter 28: Using Sources of Power Wisely
Chapter 29: Managing Change 

Chapter 30: Managing Performance

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