Precast Concrete Frame Guide


Precast Concrete Frame Guide

This publication is an introduction to precast concrete frames, their components, design and the principal considerations relative to their use and specification. Produced by the Irish Precast Concrete Association, it is the first Frames Guide of its kind which deals specifically with the range of products available on the Irish market. One of the key objectives of the publication is to improve the understanding of precast as a construction method.

Precast concrete framed construction is well established as one of the principal
construction methods in Europe. In Ireland, the precast industry has built a close
working relationship with developers, offering practical advice and a range of
technical services at design and construction stages.
Precast manufacturers have a critical role to play in the proper planning and execution
of precast buildings. Involving the precaster at the early design stage is the best way
to achieve the most economical building solution. Early involvement also allows the
manufacturer to schedule production so as to maximise cost savings brought about
by the use of standardised components and early completion.

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