Multicriteria Environmental Assessment


Multicriteria Environmental Assessment

This book is oriented to people who are charged with the task of preparing an
EIA for a certain project or projects, and it intends to be a practical guide for a
practitioner. It is also addressed to stakeholders, decision makers and other
interested parties.

It follows a natural sequence of events and actions conducted to facilitate
the purpose of EIA, identifying alternatives or projects that cause minimum
environmental impact. In this case, the expression "environmental impact"
involves all classes of impacts and scenarios, i.e., is not restricted to the
This concept is important and for this reason we reproduce here the
definition from UNEP Training Resource Manual, where it says that "the term
:"environment" includes
􀂃􀀃 Human health and safety*
􀂃􀀃 Flora, fauna, ecosystems and biodiversity*
􀂃􀀃 Soil, water, air, climate and landscape*
􀂃􀀃 Use of land, natural resources and raw materials*
􀂃􀀃 Protected areas and sites of special significance*
􀂃􀀃 Heritage, recreation and amenity assets*
􀂃􀀃 Livelihood, lifestyle and well being of affected communities*

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