Environmental Engineers' Handbook


Environmental Engineers' Handbook

This second edition of the Environmental Engineers’ Handbook contains most of the technical know-how needed to clean up the environment. Because the environment is a complex web, the straining of some of the strands affects the entire web. The single-volume presentation of this handbook recognizes this integrated nature of our environment, where the various forms of pollution are interrelated symptoms and therefore cannot be treated separately. Consequently, each handbook section is built upon and is supported by the others through extensive cross-referencing
and subject indexes.

The contributors to this handbook came from all continents and their backgrounds cover not only engineering, but also legal, medical, agricultural, meteorological, biological and other fields of training. In addition to discussing the causes, effects, and remedies of pollution, this handbook
also emphasizes reuse, recycling, and recovery. Nature does not cause pollution; by total recycling, nature makes resources out of all wastes. Our goal should be to learn from nature in this respect
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