Civil Engineering Project Management


Civil Engineering Project Management

in the world, so that the recipients’ comments thereon can be returned without
delay. Thus specialist engineering guidance centred in one part of an
organization can service the needs of others in distant locations. Computer
aided drafting (CAD) has also become the norm for production of all formal
drawings and to some extent for engineer’s sketches.

A further development has been the integration of the design process with
the requirements for construction. An Intranet can be set up to link people
together within their own organization. Drawings and design information,
specifications and bills of quantities for a construction project can be stored
centrally and accessed by all authorized members of a design team, with only
certain members authorized to alter the details. This means that drawings and
data being used are always current, there are no delays caused by awaiting
information, and the process of making changes can be controlled and audited.
Adesign change can, for instance, lead to an immediate change in the contract
drawings and the relevant specifications and bills of quantities
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