Basic Water Treatment


Basic Water Treatment

Basic Water Treatment is aimed at university students, at practising water treatment engineers, for whom it will be a useful reference book, and at mechanical engineers and chemists who need to put their specialised knowledge into a broader context; it will also be of interest to those managers and non-technical staff who wish to understand some of the quality and technical issues relating to water treatment. It is not a prescriptive handbook on water treatment plant design; rather it provides essential background and is a useful first choice reference book for many aspects of water
quality and treatment.

It is important that all involved in water quality and water treatment do not adopt too blinkered an
approach. In western Europe we now have to focus very closely on compliance with prescriptive water quality standards, although the Water Framework Directive and public concerns over the environment require a wider consideration of water resources and water demands. However, over much of the world, water engineers should consider, or at least be aware of, much wider issues, weighing the costs of high-quality water against the overriding need to supply safe water to as many as possible. Basic Water Treatment primarily relates to water treatment in western Europe
and North America but it also takes account of treatment in other developed areas, and in developing and less developed areas. 0


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