Basic Soil Mechanics - 3rd Edition


Basic Soil Mechanics - 3rd Edition

Structural Engineering Design in Practice,Roger Westbrook

The state of the art of soil mechanics is constantly changing as new ideass and methods emerge from research and advances in practice .itmay be thought that basic soil mechincs remains basic:the same fundamental principles for each new student to learn and understand.Change,however,shoud be apparent always,for it is usually for betterbut change is apparent not only in geotechnical practive and processes,it can be swwn also in the way knowledge is imparted


  1. Origins and composition of soil
  2. Classification of soils for engineering purposes
  3. Basic physical properties of soils
  4. Water in soil occurrence and effects
  5. Water in soil permeability and seepage
  6. Stresses and strain in soil
  7. Measurement of shear strength
  8. Earth pressure and retaining walls
  9. Stability of slopes
  10. Soil compressibility and settlement
  11. Bearing capacity of foundations
  12. Site in investigations and in-situ testing

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