Advances in Steel Structures


Advances in Steel Structures

Proposals are given to extend the simplified design technique known as the Wind Moment Method
to cover a limited range of composite frames. The range represents that of most interest in practice
in the UK. Justification is by comparison with the findings from an extensive numerical study.

The Wind Moment Method (WMM) has long been established as a simple, intuitively based, design
approach for unbraced frames. More recently, it has been the subject
 of scientific study, designed to
provide a more fundamental understanding of the link between actual frame behaviour and the
inherent design simplifications. This work has, until now, been restricted to bare steel construction.
In a recent study Hensman, (1998), the authors have examined the case for an extension of the
WMM to cover composite steel/concrete frames. Although the approach adopted resembles that
used for bare steelwork, a number of particular features have had to be addressed. This paper
summarizes the main outcomes from that study.

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