Water Treatment Operations and Math Concepts and Calculations


Water Treatment Operations
Math Concepts and Calculations

Mathematics Manual for Water and Wastewater
Treatment Plant Operators, Second Edition

In Basic Mathematics for Water and Wastewater Operators, we introduce and review concepts critical to qualified operators at the fundamental or entry level; however, this does not mean that these are the only math concepts that a competent operator must know to solve routine operation and maintenance problems. Water Treatment Operations: Math Concepts and Calculations and Wastewater Treatment

Operations: Math Concepts and Calculations both present math operations that progressively advance to higher, more practical applications of mathematical calculations— that is, the math operations that operators at the highest level of licensure would be expected to know how to perform. Even though there is considerable crossover of basic math operations used by both waterworks and wastewater the applied math problems for wastewater and water have been separated into separate texts. This has been done to help operators of specific unit processes unique to waterworks and wastewater operations focus on their area of specialty.
To ensure correlation to modern practice and design, we present illustrative problems in terms of commonly used waterworks/wastewater treatment operations and associated parameters and cover typical math concepts for waterworks/wastewater treatment unit process operations found in today’s waterworks/wastewater treatment facilities. These texts are accessible to those who have little or no experience in treatment plant math operations. Readers who work through the texts systematically will be surprised at how easily they can acquire an understanding of water/wastewater math concepts, adding a critical component to their professional knowledge.
What makes Water Treatment Operations: Math Concepts and Calculations different
from other math books available? Consider the following:
 The author has worked in and around water/wastewater treatment and*
taught water/wastewater math for several years at the apprenticeship level
and at numerous short courses for operators.
 The author has sat at the table of licensure examination preparation boards*
to review, edit, and write state licensure exams.
 This step-by-step training manual provides concise, practical instruction in*
the math skills that operators must have to pass certification tests.
 The text is user friendly; no matter the difficulty of the problem to be solved*,
each operation is explained in straightforward, plain English. Moreover,
several hundred sample problems are presented to enhance the learningprocess.

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