Earthquake Engineering


Earthquake Engineering

First part of the book deals with seismic risk assessment and hazard analysis with a
concentration on seismic microzonation, development of probabilistic hazard maps,
geotechnical problems including soil-structure interaction, and three-dimensional
wave propagation in different soil media considering different surface characteristics
and topography.

 Chapter 1: provides a methodology for seismic risk assessment within
a performance based earthquake engineering framework. Probabilistic hazard analysis
and economic models are used for loss estimation and evaluation of earthquake
impact on regional economies. 
Chapter 2: describes development of seismic microzonation and probabilistic hazard maps for a specific region. Details of site
characteristics including geological conditions and soil nonlinearity were considered
in the seismic zoning and hazard assessment. 
Chapter 3: presents cognitive methods for modeling geotechnical and seismological problems. New data-driven modern techniques are used to complement and improve the traditional physically-based geotechnical modeling and system analysis under earthquake loading. Chapter 4: includes a new method to simulate three-dimensional seismic wave simulation in
heterogeneous transversely isotropic medium with non-flat free surface. Numerical
simulations involving different free surfaces provide realistic seismic wave
propagation in the vicinity of the earth surface. Wave diffractions, scattering, multiple
reflections, and converted waves caused by the free surface topography are studied.
Chapter 5: provides ground motion estimates for Sothern California as a case study for
seismic hazard analysis in a high seismic region. The numerical simulations include
full-wave propagation in three-dimensional velocity models. 
Chapter 6: includesrecommendations on soil-structures interaction modeling and provides classification of different modeling approaches based on general superposition of wave fields. Stateof- the-art approaches including those used in nuclear industry are discussed

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