CSI SAFE 2014 Reinforced Concrete Design Manual


SAFE Reinforced Concrete Design

SAFE automates several slab and mat design tasks. Specifically, it integrates
slab design moments across design strips and designs the required reinforcement;
it checks slab punching shear around column supports and concentrated
loads; and it designs beam flexural, shear, and torsion reinforcement. The design
procedures are outlined in the chapter entitled "SAFE Design Features” in
the Key Features and Terminology manual. The actual design algorithms vary
based on the specific design code chosen by the user. This manual describes
the algorithms used for the various codes.
It should be noted that the design of reinforced concrete slabs is a complex subject
and the design codes cover many aspects of this process. SAFE is a tool to
help the user in this process. Only the aspects of design documented in this
manual are automated by SAFE design capabilities. The user must check the
results produced and address other aspects not covered by SAFE.

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