Airport planning and management


Airport planning and management

The text has been reorganized into four sections: Airports and Airport Systems, The Components of the Airport, Airport Operations and Financial Management, and Airport Public Administration and Planning. Each section is designed to address airport planning and management from specific perspectives.

Part I: Airports and airport systems Part I provides an overview of airports from a systems perspective and provides background and historical information regarding the development of airports and the rules that airport management must adhere to.
Within this section are three chapters.

Part II: The components of the airport Part II has been written to provide the airport management student, as well as the new airport management employee, with a comprehensive information source describing the facilities that exist within an airport’s property. This section
may be valuable not only as a text but also as a reference guide for those
not in academic study. Within this section are three chapters.

Part III: Airport operations and financial management Part III has been designed to provide the airport management student with fundamental concepts and regulations that govern airport planning and management. This section combines operations defined by federal regulations with fundamental theory to describe how airport operations
work. This section contains three chapters

Part IV: Airport public administration and planning Part IV is designed to compliment the text by presenting information regarding the administrative side of airport management, including the public administrative issues that concern airports, and the planning concepts that are applied to prepare the airport for future activity. This section is designed not only to give the student a basic understanding of these issues, but to also prepare the student for more advanced studies in airport planning and design, and airport finance and public 
administration. This section contains four chapters.
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