Tekla Structure Drawing Guide


Tekla Structure Drawing Guide 2015

Tekla Structures drawings contain a large variety of features that help you to create and
manage your drawings efficiently. The drawings consist of three main types of elements:
drawing layout, drawing views, and drawing objects. You can select what to include in the
drawing before you create it, and also add necessary objects in an existing drawing

Main features in Tekla Structures drawings

:Tekla Structures includes the following features for drawings

All information comes directly from the model, which minimizes the work you have to do.
In many cases all you need to do is to check the predefined settings or do some minor
 Up-to-date drawings. The drawings are actually a part of the model. If you revise the
model, Tekla Structures also updates the drawings, so they are always up to date.

Master Drawing Catalog, which is a fast, efficient and controlled way of creating
drawings in one centralized location using master drawings.

Automatic workshop single-part and assembly drawings, and cast unit drawings of
selected parts with predefined settings for layout, views, dimensions, marks, and building
objects. View properties are defined separately for each view before a drawing is created.

Automatic general arrangement drawings and anchor bolt plans of selected views.
• Drawing cloning capabilities.

 Drawing management. Revision control, locking freezing, and issuing drawings.


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