Managing Risk In Construction Projects, 2nd Edition


Managing Risk In Construction Projects

This book concentrates on aspects of risk management and also clarifies
the practical procedures for undertaking and utilising decisions. Risk
management is beset by a dark cloak of technology, definitions and
methodologies, often maintained by analysts and specialist consultants,
which contributes to the unnecessary mystique and lack of understanding
of the approach. It discusses a number of general concepts including
projects, project phases and risk attitude before introducing a number of
risk management techniques. The book concludes with some brief case
studies and guidance on good practice.
This book offers for the first time – in the opinion of the authors – the
distilled knowledge of over a hundred man-years of project experience in
working on aspects of project risk management and contains information
which most of us would have liked to have had – had it been available and
collated. To all students and practitioners using this book, follow known
procedures as outlined in the book, avoid short-cuts and remember to
keep records of everything you model, simulate or assume.


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