autocad secrets every user should know


autocad secrets every user should know

this book for two groups: experienced users with some gaps in their knowledge,and recent users who want to maximize their understanding of this complicated and mul-tifaceted tool. The more familiar you are with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, the more thisbook will help you avoid common problems and produce work that is consistent, reliable,and accurate.For most of you, AutoCAD is just one of the many tools you use, and you don’t havetime to become an expert at it. You don’t have to. In my professional life, I’ve worked witha wide range of AutoCAD users in a remarkable array of disciplines. I’ve done AutoCADtraining for companies, presented workshops for vendors, offered expertise in corporatedisputes, and taught college courses in AutoCAD for nearly 20 years. This book is a resultof that experience, and I hope you’ll use it to expand your knowledge and improve yourefficiency

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