Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas


Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas

Excel is the well-known standard spreadsheet application that allows you to easily perform calculations and recalculations of data by using numerous built-in functions and formulas. Although you may be familiar with simple functions such as SUM, this is just one of the many Excel functions and formulas that can help you simplify the process of entering calculations. Because there are so many other useful and versatile functions and formulas inside Excel that most users haven’t discovered yet, this book was written to help readers uncover and use its wide range of tools


  1. FormulasinExcel
  2. LogicalFunctions
  3. TextFunctions
  4. DateandTimeFunctions
  5. BasicStatisticalFunctions
  6. MathematicalFunctions
  7. BasicFinancialFunctions
  8. DatabaseFunctions
  9. LookupandReferenceFunctions
  10. Conditional Formatting with Formulas
  11. WorkingwithArrayFormulas
  12. SpecialSolutionswithFormulas
  13. User-definedFunctions
  14. Examples 
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