construction site security


construction site security

ach of the components of security listed below has its own subset. This book will focus on physical security countermeasures and how they can be ap­plied to the construction job site. Security encompasses several components:

Physical security is the protection of people and things from harm by using such methods as intrusion detection, access control, and security officers. Physi­cal security countermeasures are the measures used to safeguard personnel from harm. It also protects property from unauthorized access to equipment, installa­tions, material, and documents and safeguards it against sabotage, damage, and theft. The main objective of physical security is to harden the target and make it unattractive for thieves and vandals to enter the site for fear of being caught. Tar­get hardening will not deter those individuals who are highly motivated and de­termined to enter the site to steal or commit vandalism. If the target looks hard­ened, it will deter most thieves from feeling that there are easy pickings on the site so they will go to a place where there are no security countermeasures. Phys­ical security, in some cases, can be a delaying tactic to slow down an intruder in order to increase the possibility of being seen from outside the perimeter by pa­trolling security officers and/or police.


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